Tuna Ventresca El Manar, Kosher 2 sizes
Tuna Ventresca El Manar, Kosher
Tuna Ventresca El Manar, Kosher Supervision
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Tuna Ventresca Sorra in Olive Oil El Manar, Kosher

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You can purchase this solid chunk Tuna Ventresca on olive oil in can in 3 sizes: 160g or 5.64oz, 400g or 14.1oz and 620g or 21.9oz.

Tuna ventresca is known to be the belly of the tuna (the part below its head). It is a rare part and is the most tender part, it is fatty and as such has a high nutritional value (35% of fat). This gourmet dish is a high protein dish with a lot of Omega 3s.
El Manar Sorra Tuna is solid chunk pieces of bluefin ventresca canned tuna in olive oil. 

This delicacy tuna can will be the most flavorful and richest ever. Simply a delight for your palate. It may be the best and most delicious tuna in a can you ever tasted. Once you test / taste this can, you may not eat other can.

This product is certified by the Beth Din from Tunisia and exists in 3 sizes: 5.6oz (160 grams), 14.1oz (400grams) and 21.9oz (620 grams). It has been certified Kosher for Passover (Kosher Le Pessah).

You can eat it in various recipies with rice, paste, farro, arugula salad, baby tomatoes, in a Nicoise salad or simply on bread or crackers.

The expiration date is at least 2 years after the shipping of the product and there is an easy opening system so you will not need any can opener. Store in a cool and dry place.

About tuna: tuna is the fish people eat most. In a can, it is the dish  

About bluefin tuna: there is various types of tuna, among which albacore, bigeye or ahi, skipjack, yellowfin and bluefin. Although skipjack tuna is the most common (in the sea and in the plates), bluefin tuna is the most delicate tuna. They are the one from which we make sushis and sashimis. Their value can reach thousands of dollars and there are some limits around the world to fish this species.

About tuna ventresca: as previously mentioned, the tuna ventresca is the most tender and tasty part of the fish. You can compare it to the "foie gras of the tuna" because it is so flavorful. It is produced from the belly of the tuna and provides a lot of (good) proteins and omega 3s. 

Why Omega 3s are good for you? They are polyunsaturated fatty acid and have 4 health benefits since it is good for the brain, the heart and the eyesight. Also when the mother consumes Omega 3s, it helps brain development for the foetus or for the breastfed child.